Water glare, regardless of the cloud conditions, is a thing of the past, thanks to the advanced technology of RPM’s X-Ray Sunglasses. The X-Rays come with a protective hard case, micro-fiber lens cleaning pouches, and padded neck strap. At the heart of the system are three interchangeable polarized lenses which snap quickly in and out, as conditions change– Dark Gray for sunny days and clear water, Amber for flat light and color contrast and a very unique lens called Polar-ClearTM. This polarized lens is so close to clear that it can effectively be fished down to total darkness. The Polar-Clear lens has also gotten great reviews for bowfishing at night. It provides eye protection while cutting down on the harshness around the lights.


  • Three interchangeable lenses for all cloud/sun conditions
  • Easy snap in/snap out sure-lock lens changing
  • Extremely comfortable arms and nose piece
  • Protective hard case
  • Soft-sided spare lens pouch
  • Padded neck strap


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if you bowfish or even fish and don'T have these SEEK HELP!!

Absolutely the best polarized glasses I've ever used!but I could still see fish at 10 minutes before dark.

these are amazing

These glasses are so comfortable and work great they take away the glare off your lights even driving no more squinting I hope they last for a long time

maker's em hurt

You rocked the fish world when you launched these glasses! No fish are safe, dark day, sunny day, clear or dirty water. I see fish! They are priced right, lenses change easily. Great product.

Great glasses!

Just used my new X - ray glasses in a tournament this weekend and they are perfect. The interchangeable lenses stayed locked in place and distortion free. Really like the option to switch the lenses depending on sunlight and water conditions. Well worth the money and are just as good, if not better, as the higher dollar polarized glasses.

xray glasses

just got glasses last week but they seem very good, lenses change pretty easily but are good and secure in the frames, the lenses are very clear and distortion free, looking forward to using the low light lenses this weekend in the tournament...

Great Glasses

Its great having the different lenses to change too. I have changed them out repeatedly to try to make them lose or to see if they wear out fast and I have to say they are still tight as ever.

Great for all types of conditions

Very comfortable and love the interchangeable lenses.