The RPM Striker is the simplest, most user friendly lever bow on the market with uncompromising performance.  With no cams and no timing system the Striker is the most unintimidating lever bow you'll ever own.   If you're looking for an easy to work, incredibly easy to tune lever bow your search is over! 

  • Striker 30-50lb draw weight/26-28.5" draw length
  • Striker XL 35-50lb draw weight/28.5-31" draw length
  • Striker Lite 15-30lb draw weight/26-28.5" draw length
  • Striker Lite XL 15-30lb draw weight/28.5-31" draw length
  • Aluminum machined riser
  • Aluminum machined yokes
  • Aluminum machined full capture limb pockets
  • Aluminum machined draw stops
  • Aluminum machined saddles
  • 4lb over all weight

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RPM Striker XL

I have owned my Striker now for about 3 weeks. First of all the service and communication with RPM has been excellent. Delivery to the UK was quick with only our own customs service holding things up for about a week. Packaging was also excellent with it having made the trip in perfect condition. I'm in the UK where all hunting with a bow including fishing is currently illegal so I am using it for 3d field archery under NFAS. As such I had already bought my usual finger release shooting rest, a Timberdoodle. That's where my problems started as the Timberdoodle doesn't fit on to the bow without modification. The bar that holds the cables to one side is too close to the mounting hole for the rest, the bows riser is bulged up to accommodate that bar. I had to cut a 1/4" x 3" section off the top of the rests mounting bracket to get it to fit. Luckily there's still enough metal on the bracket for it to be rigid but a bit of a design flaw there as from what I can see a lot of rests will have similar issues. Once I had it all set up though I took it out for its first days shooting. On the whole I was quite pleased with how it shoots. The let off is less than my usual bow which took a little getting used to but its not unpleasant. I have found it quite accurate to shoot and I rapidly got used to the bow. However during that first days shooting the bow developed a very serious and loud creaking noise. So bad I was worried about shooting it. I dissembled the bow following the handy YouTube videos RPM have posted and tracked it down to the top limb. The 2 screws that connect it to the hinge had come slightly loose resulting in side to side play. I tightened everything back up, used some loctite 290 thread lock on all the screws and reassembled and adjusted everything, tiller etc. Since then the bow has been shooting sweetly, the only noise is the arrow drawing back on the rest, which for 3d targets isn't a problem as they wont run away on hearing it. Overall I am very pleased with the bow, its comfortable to shoot, groups nicely and weighs less than my other lever action bow. While having to do bow maintenance after one days shooting is not what you expect of a new bow I would have had to learn how to do it eventually so I took it as an opportunity to acquire a new skill. After all its not like I can take it to a local bowshop that is familiar with RPM products and its a bit far and expensive to send back for RPM to take a look at, I had planned on doing my own maintenance anyway. I hasn't put me off ordering a Nitro when the left handed ones come back in stock. RPM might want to consider using thread lock on the hinge screws like they do on the drawstops though. Phil