Expected release date is 6th Jul 2018

The RPM Striker is the simplest, most user friendly lever bow on the market with uncompromising performance.  With no cams and no timing system the Striker is the most unintimidating lever bow you'll ever own.   If you're looking for an easy to work, incredibly easy to tune lever bow your search is over! 

  • Striker 30-50lb draw weight/26-28.5" draw length
  • Striker XL 35-50lb draw weight/28.5-31" draw length
  • Striker Lite 15-30lb draw weight/26-28.5" draw length
  • Striker Lite XL 15-30lb draw weight/28.5-31" draw length
  • Aluminum machined riser
  • Aluminum machined yokes
  • Aluminum machined full capture limb pockets
  • Aluminum machined draw stops
  • Aluminum machined saddles
  • 4lb over all weight

     **If you'd like your Striker set up to a specific draw weight and length please note that in the "Notes" section
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