The SideWinder is constructed of rugged aircraft aluminum and includes stainless mounting hardware.  This teamed up with the Locker (included) turns your bow into a finger saving spinner shooters dream!  Easy to mount in the existing quiver bolt holes. 

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Sidewinder line puller

Can't believe I went almost a year without this on my nitro! Used it last sat numerous times even jumped in and used it on buddies lines when they got stuck in the roots.... I'm sold my hands will be much happier and after pulling my buddies lines with ease in front of them I believe they are sold as I heard a few times they were going home to order one! Beyond that this thing looks great on my bow and yet another plus is my arrow aint just sitting around or hanging from the bow anymore! Amazing product!


Love it! Has saved my hands from getting tore up and the arrow holder is great too! A must have accessory for any Bowfishing bow

no more stuck arrows

Never had a line puller and with this sidewinder you out just a few wraps of your line and pull and it comes out quick!

best money can buy

Qaulity aluminum and hardwear and the rubber is very good as well it holds the arrow in place

super strong

Not only is this a awesome addition to the looks of my bow but it make ease of removing stuck arrows! Add the locker on here and you have a awesome arrow holder for traveling and or storage !

Awesome arrow holder, killer looks, RPM home-run here!!

If you want to secure a shaft solid to your bow and have something that is rock solid, look no further than the SideWinder. Machined aluminum, fits perfect, enhances look of bow, keeps shaft out of the way, secure, can't ask for more. You won't be disappointed!


Perfect for those 'occasional' misses and get your arrow stuck in the mud. Instead of slicing your hands up, wrap your line around the side winder yank it up and your on to the next one! and also holds your arrow when not in use!

Hit it on the head... perfect shaft holder and looks awesome!

The Locker is a good shaft holder but the SideWinder took it two steps above. Economical, easy to install, solid Aluminum, sets shaft where it can't get easily knocked out if laying your bow in the case or on the deck. Did I say it looks awesome, just WOW? You can tell this is built for Bowfishing by Bowfishermen, great design. Dress up your bowfishing rig. Good luck, be safe, shoot straight and take a kid bowfishing... you will never regret it.