Constructed completely of strong anodized aluminum, the RPM arrow rest is the last bowfishing rest you’ll ever need. Or want, for that matter! The RPM is ambidextrous, and comes with ¾-inch stainless steel mounting hardware and a aluminum arrow galley. Available with or without nylon arrow retention gates designed to prevent arrow loss (fall-out).


  • 100 Percent anodized aluminum construction
  • Attractive black finish with white engraved lettering
  • Ambidextrous
  • Includes ¾-inch stainless steel hardware
  • Available with or without nylon arrow retention gates


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Victory Rest *

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You Have to Try IT!

Was always left unsatisfied with the other rests I had. Finally tried this one and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Arrow wont jump out or fall off, PERIOD!

great rest

I have tried many rest for bowfishing and this one stands out from all of them It holds the arrow in place very easy to Install. We bought one and the rest of my team are buying th rest becAuse they see me using it and getting results from it shoots straighter then any rest I have had in the past

Great easy to use rest

Just switched to the victory rest from the muzzy fish hook and it has been great. Tuned up in a matter of minutes and arrows glide right off of it and have shot straighter than ever. Great containment so that my arrow stays on the rest all the way up to when I'm ready to shoot.

Simple Design, Built Tough, Easy Setup, Can't ask for more...

If you are looking for a economical, simple to use, simple to install and tune, rock solid arrow rest built for bowfishing by bowfishermen... look no further, this is it. Put one on my Osprey and was shooting bullet holes in paper during tune up in a matter of minutes. On the water, quick loading, easy to use forget about it performance. I have since ordered more for each of my bows.

Nice product overall

Nice quality rest for less money than alot of others. Arrow glided over very nice, and rest held tight all day. Only wish oval mounting slot had thicker walls to mate to riser. Mounting on my Onieda eagle required it to be mounted on back of riser oposite the shelf for proper alignment and use of 2 washers sandwiching both sides of the oval mounting slot to keep tight against riser. Overall, happy with rest. Great for a bow fisher. Would recommened it.

Best of Class

This rest outperforms them all. The V design allows for quick effortless aligning on bow AND loading of arrows setting the arrow dead on for quick second shots.