Nasty On Scales!

Twin serrated gripper barbs and dual friction rings combine to make the NOS one of the nastiest things a fish could ever see. And one of the last!


  • Hardened bullet tip resists deformation
  • Dual friction rings for secure attachment and easy three-twist release
  • Twin serrated gripper barbs

Every point in the APS sports a hardened conical “bullet” tip. Bullet/conical tips eliminate the planing that sometimes occurs with traditional chisel style tips, and No Plane means Better Accuracy. Rocks? Not a problem for these tips. Each APS point features either a single or double (dual) friction ring designed to both secure the tip and body to the ferrule, as well as to prevent spin-offs when targeting larger fish.

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Best There is!

Once you get this in a fish it is NOT coming out. Say goodbye to swearing your A** off when losing a fish!!!

Best on the market

These tips are my favorite of all the Tips I have tried they are strong and the release is smooth and easy. They do not rattle loose like many of the tips on the market.

holds strong

These pointss have been revamped and strangthensed with thicker "wings" I'm exited to see how much tuffer this points can be. I've been using these points for the last 3 years and I can say it is tuff literally ran this points into thousands of fish with an on average size of 20lbs and very few pull offs and haven't ever had a problem with this points. If I could give it 6 stars I would have its my go to points for most situations you'll break your shaft before you hurt this point.

great tip

This is one of the tips I shoot with in tournaments. You stick a fish its not coming off

Best Point!

I love these points all you have to do is hit the fish and its done. Great holding power and easy to get the fish off makes it a great tip for beginners and experts alike.

My Favorite

This is my favorite tip off all the RPM line great holding power, easy to twist off and reset makes those days when your in the fish thick easy to keep up with

great holding power

i have been using this point for the season now and have lost maybe 2 fish just on bad shot placement the ease of twist and fish drops in the bucket is awesome great tip.