1 January 2013


Rugged Products Manufacturing introduces the NOS (Nasty on Scales) Point


Layton, UT – In the world of bowfishing, it’s not enough to be good. You have to be nasty, and there’s nothing meaner than RPM’s Nasty on Scales (NOS) when it comes to getting the job done. The NOS features twin serrated gripper barbs, dual friction rings, and a stainless steel design that combine to make the NOS one of the deadliest things a fish could ever see. Not to mention, one of the last!


The entire line of RPM bowfishing arrows features the All Point System (APS) and a true 5/16-inch skinny nock. The result is a collection of bowfishing equipment like no other. The APS incorporates a universal ferrule onto each shaft, thus allowing the shafts and points to be switched and swapped within seconds without the use of tools. Carp at 9:00 and Alligator Gar at 9:30? Not a problem, if you’re using RPM’s All Point System.


Every point in the APS sports a conical “bullet” tip made of incredibly tough stainless steel hardened to 62 Rockwell. Bullet/conical tips eliminate the planing that sometimes occurs with traditional chisel style tips, and No Plane means Better Accuracy. Rocks? Not a problem for these tips. Each APS point features either a single or double (dual) friction ring designed to secure the tip and body to the ferrule, to prevent spin-offs when targeting larger fish. 


You’ll quickly see that at RPM, there’s no second best. We get straight to the point.