Your hunt for the finest lever action bowfishing bow is finally over!!  The RPM design crew went to the drawing board over four years ago to create the most perfect, most complete lever bow ever built for bowfishing.  No more need to purchase aftermarket items, fix poorly designed pieces or make custom parts; the RPM Nitro comes with everything you need and to top it all off comes in with an economical price tag!  When you're looking for your next bowfishing bow make sure to make it a NITRO!  

  • Nitro Lite 20-35lb draw weight/26-28.5" draw length
  • Nitro Lite XL 20-35lb draw weight/28.5-31" draw length
  • Nitro 35-55lb draw weight/26-28.5" draw length
  • Nitro XL 35-55lb draw weight/28.5-31" draw length
  • Nitro MAG 55-75lb draw weight/26-28.5" draw length
  • Nitro MAG XL 55-75lb draw weight/28.5-31" draw length
  • Aluminum machined riser
  • Aluminum machined timing wheels
  • Aluminum machined full capture limb pockets
  • Aluminum machined draw stops
  • Aluminum machined saddles
  • 4lb over all weight



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Best Lever Bow on the Market

owned this bow for a few months now and it has not disappointed. My oneida lite force did not shoot as well as this bow does. i'd give it 6 stars if i could

NitroXL rocks

I received my Nitro and took it to my tournament in florida. I put my reel on and went right to work. This bow preformed flawless. Has plenty of power and it's super easy to work on. Also with it having stainless steel parts it will hold up to the unforgiving salt water here on the west coast of florida. I also got a state record with it my 1st day using it. I would highly recommend this bow. It's a great bow at a steal of a price.

Amazing bow for the price!

Like many others I wasn't sure what to exspect getting a lever bow for this price much less new. Been shooting lever bows for about 6 years now. Well two shots into the night I forgot I wasn't shooting a thousand dollar bow. Been out with it a dozen times now and it has taken the place as my primary lever bow! I would highly recommend the bow!!!

nitro is a great buy

I've been shooting lever bows for years and I didn't know what to expect with the nitro. I was not disappointed. Smooth draw cycle, light weight, machined parts for days, easy to work on, best grip I've held to date, and best of all it hits harder than any of my other bows. You can't find a better deal with all the "extras" that are already included. I can't justify spending the same money for a 20 year old lever for the same price of a new nitro.