Your hunt for the finest lever action bowfishing bow is finally over!!  The RPM design crew went to the drawing board over four years ago to create the most perfect, most complete lever bow ever built for bowfishing.  No more need to purchase aftermarket items, fix poorly designed pieces or make custom parts; the RPM Nitro comes with everything you need and to top it all off comes in with an economical price tag!  When you're looking for your next bowfishing bow make sure to make it a NITRO!  

  • Nitro Lite 20-35lb draw weight/26-28.5" draw length
  • Nitro Lite XL 20-35lb draw weight/28.5-31" draw length
  • Nitro 35-55lb draw weight/26-28.5" draw length
  • Nitro XL 35-55lb draw weight/28.5-31" draw length
  • Nitro MAG 55-75lb draw weight/26-28.5" draw length
  • Nitro MAG XL 55-75lb draw weight/28.5-31" draw length
  • Aluminum machined riser
  • Aluminum machined timing wheels
  • Aluminum machined full capture limb pockets
  • Aluminum machined draw stops
  • Aluminum machined saddles
  • 4lb over all weight



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I have two of the very first nitro that came out and love them. I haven't had any issues with them that weren't my fault lol. Other than change the factory strings I haven't done anything but kill fish with them. Big thanks to RPM for making a great bow the average person can afford. Thanks Josh for working with me

Impressive bow!

First of all: I'm from Spain. The first reason to buy this bow was "What a beautiful bow!" ... I'm not using it for bowfishing, but for target and 3D shooting, instinctively. After using this bow, I can only say that I'm in love with it! It is amazingly simple to tune up. And have a very (VERY) nice progression while drawing. And it's fast. So, in short: What an impressive bow!


Great bow shoots fast and strait would definitely recommend

Nitro XL

This bow shoots nice! I am impressed by how many modification you can make to the bow without taking the string off. Even taking the string off is very easy. I feel like the designer of this bow actually had the user in mind instead of building something that always requires you to buy something else to work on the bow or have to take it somewhere. The bow is a little heavier than the compound bow I had before but I will take the weight when I have smooth shooting and no finger pinch. Excited to shoot this thing more.


This is an awesome bow, I am very pleased with it! And it looks super sharp too!

So glad I purchased it

Very happy with my purchase, from quick replies to emails I sent to quick receipt of my bow it has been a great experience. I really appreciate the you tube videos that will help me keep my Bow in top condition for years to come.

hard to beat

These bows are sweet! smooth even draw cycle, paired with adjustable draw stops makes them great for custom adjusting. All let off modules included and easy installation. Bought 2 and they were perfect out of the box. I'm confident these bows will handle year's of hard use. Plan on rigging the whole boat out with them. Daniel, Monroe bowfishing and charters.

well built

I really love my new Nitro for the price it is awesome! Thanks Josh for the great service, I'll definitely be a repeat customer Jason Big Sexy Bowfishing charters