The Nitro/Striker shelf rest is specifically designed and engineered to give the user a bolt on and go style rest for their Nitro or Striker bow.  Built out of rugged aluminum this rest is built to last!

  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • For NITRO and STRIKER bows ONLY!


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Nitro shelf rest

Been a great rest so far arrow flies straight and rest looks great on my nitro


Never shot a shelf rest until now. Thought it would take some getting used to but it was so easy there was no learning curve. Solid rest, easy to use and no maintenance. It's my kind of rest.

Only Rest for the Nitro Bow

Simple bolt on, no adjustments. Looks great on the Nitro Bow. Why would you shoot anything else.

Great Rest

This rest gave me a worry free, problem free platform. In the past I have had problems with my other tests getting bumped and moving, throwing my whole rig out of whack. The Nitro rest solved any potential problems for this. Plus it looks great on the Nitro!

The only rest your Nitro will ever need !

Simplicity at its best , nothing to mess up or adjust , just lay your arrow flat on the rest , and pinch on your nock point , and done !