Don’t monkey around with cheap imitations. There’s only one Monkey Wire, and RPM has it. Abrasion resistant and rated at #200 tensile strength, Monkey Wire is fashioned from the same material that goes into creating bulletproof vests, and that’s tough stuff! Monkey Wire’s small diameter means you get 50 percent more line on your reel...so that next state record fish can run all it wants! (for spinning reels only) 


  • Incredibly strong #200 tensile strength
  • Small diameter means more line on the reel and faster line deployment
  • Hi-Viz yellow color
  • Abrasion resistant, yet holds a knot well without messy adhesives



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Best line I've ever used!!

This line is the best on the market for bowfishing!!! I shot a 40lb grass carp and it had wrapped me around a tree for 45 minutes and the line held up. I will never use anything else.

Still up for debate

I had issues with this stuff twisting on me. I did have a couple of times it twisted so much that when I shot it wrapped around my reel and broke.

Best I've used

I've used all kinds of line since switching to reels and monkey wire is by far my favorite and the only line on my reels now. Thin and strong it flows off the reels with ease and lasts longer than other line I've used.

Thin, unreal strong, easy to see... did I say thin?

Wow, if you want a thin strong line built for bowfishing by bowfishermen, this is it, look no further. Loaded on my ti20 reel perfect, shoots smooth, all night on the rocks shooting gar and carp in the trees and came home... not a fray on it. Tough, thin, easy to see in the water and it lets you add more yards to your reel than that thicker stuff. Try it, you won't be disappointed. Good luck, be safe, shoot straight and take a kid bowfishing... you will never regret it.

Great product!!!

So far this is the best line that i have ever used. All of my friends and family are shooting this line now. Very durable and has no tangling issues.

Great line

Best line I've used yet in my Synergy Ti-20 reel. Able to almost fit the whole 125' that came on the spool into my reel. Not a single problem binding after several shots fired. Spooled out of reel effortlessly. Havent had for much time, so cant speak of durability, but very happy as of yet. If your using a closed face reel, you should give it a try.

Fast, Strong, High Capacity and Just Unbelievably Good

I used Monkey Wire all last season on all my Synergy Ti 20 reels and it worked flawlessly. It shoots out of the reel like no other line I have ever used. It's small diameter and low friction allows for more energy to be retained by the arrow and allows you to reach out and touch those fish in deeper water and attain better penetration on any fish. Recommend using it in conjunction with the Digger. http://www.rpmbowfishing.com/digger/