The RPM M1-X is the first "Trigger style" reel ever produced.   The reel is ALWAYS in free spool mode; there's no more buttons to push, levers to swing or tension bars to press.  You just shoot and reel.  After the shot you simply pull the "Trigger" towards the riser with your pointer finger and reel the line up.  As soon as the arrow is back the reel will automatically return to free spool mode and is ready for your next shot.  Gone are the days of wondering if you pushed the button, accidentally bumping the reel handle or having the pickup pins engaging while the arrow is in flight.  There's no way the pickup pins can engage prematurely with the M1-X even if you pull the trigger handle towards the riser while you shoot.  This is the safest, fastest and most user friendly bowfishing reel ever produced!!

  • Trigger handle line pick up
  • Pre-spooled with 150' of #200 Monkey Wire
  • Dual pick up pins
  • Enlarged line guide
  • Stainless steel reel shoe
  • Fastest line recovery 3.5-1
  • Replaceable parts
  • Convertible to left or right hand
  • Patent Pending



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Trigger reel

I do like the reel a lot, no buttons to push and very fast retrieval. Although I did have one of the handles just fall off and one of the pick up pins came apart and I lost the spring that goes to it, still giving 5 stars because customer service is awesome, no questions asked and had replacement parts in my mail box in just a few days! The reel has two pick up pins so I was still able to keep fishing

Bought two reels

I bought one reel and used it, then had to buy another for my brother. Mark my words. This reel will put muzzy out of business. Such a great reel and customer service. We had one reel knob pop off , I Contacted rpm and they sent me the part immediately for free!

M1-X Trigger Reel Review

Ordered my reel the first day it was available on the website. Received the package in 3 days. Opened it up and started messing around with it. The reel feels great and looks good. Took it out for the first time last week and was very impressed with how it performed. Took me a min to remember I had to pull the trigger to reel the line in, But I will take it over forgetting to press my button. The trigger only extends out around an 1/8" and is super easy to engage. The reel has not skipped a beat with about 40 hours of use so far. I would also like to say the monkey wire already pre-spooled on the reel is a very nice addition. All I have to say is buy one and look out Muzzy.


Ordered the new reel and had it overnighted so I could use it the very next day . Tied a arrow to it and put it in the vise seat and shot 50 pound fish all night.Once I figured out were the sweet spot in drag was nothing was safe. Shot hundreds of times and not one issue going out to break it in some more tonite. Ordering 2 more right now


Recieve this reel super fast after I ordered it! Took it out and it performed flawlessly!! Super smooth when shot and smooth when it's being reeled in! The free spool when youre shooting has very little drag compared to other reels and the retrieve time is super fast Would definitely recommend this reel to anyone who is on the fence about it! Customer service is absolutely top notch also!! I will be an RPM customer for life!