RPM’s High Performance (HP) Combo allows you to be prepared for any situation, anywhere, any time. Included are 3 hardened conical bullet tips, a Black Mamba shaft, a APS ferrule, and 3 of RPM’s most popular bodies – the NOS, the Octane, and the Deep Stage 2. From Florida to Washington state, the HP Combo covers it all.


  • Be prepared for any on-the-water shooting situation
  • 3 hardened conical bullet tips
  • Black Mamba shaft
  • All Point System (APS) universal ferrule
  • Bodies include –The NOS, The Octane, and the DS2

The entire line of RPM bowfishing arrows features the All Point System (APS) and a true 5/16-inch skinny nock. The result is a collection of bowfishing equipment like none other. The APS incorporates a universal ferrule onto each shaft, thus allowing the shafts and points to be switched and swapped within seconds without the use of tools. Carp at 9:00 and alligator gar at 9:30? Not a problem, if you’re using RPM’s All Point System.

Every point in the APS sports a hardened conical “bullet” tip. Bullet/conical tips eliminate the planing that sometimes occurs with traditional chisel style tips, and No Plane means Better Accuracy. Rocks? Not a problem for these tips. Each APS point features either a single or double (dual) friction ring designed to both secure the tip and body to the ferrule, as well as to prevent spin-offs when targeting larger fish.

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Starter tip kit

Don’t put these in you’re yellow jacket cube, it’ll tear it up. Not that I did.......really I didn’t, sand filled milk jug. Hit it, capture, change tips, the RPM APS system is great. Builds those biceps in your fingers.

HP combo pack is amazing!

I have been using an rpm turbo point for awhile so ordered the hp pack to test the other heads. I have been so happy with the selection of heads and the high quality arrow. The nitro head is absolutely amazing with some strong holding power.