The DS3 sports 1-3/8-inch stainless spring steel swept barbs designed for the ultimate in holding power. The smaller (.07) diameterbarbs partially collapse on impact, but immediately expand as arrow velocity decreases; the result is incredible penetration, with the ultimate in holding power.


  • Hardened bullet tip resists deformation and increases penetration
  • Conical tip eliminates flat-surface planing
  • Three 1-3/8 swept barbs hold fish tight
  • Smaller diameter barbs improve penetration without sacrificing hold
  • Dual friction ring design

    The entire line of RPM bowfishing arrows features the All Point System (APS) and a true 5/16-inch skinny nock. The result is a collection of bowfishing equipment like none other. The APS incorporates a universal ferrule onto each shaft, thus allowing the shafts and points to be switched and swapped within seconds without the use of tools. Carp at 9:00 and alligator gar at 9:30? Not a problem, if you’re using RPM’s All Point System.

    Every point in the APS sports a hardened conical “bullet” tip. Bullet/conical tips eliminate the planing that sometimes occurs with traditional chisel style tips, and No Plane means Better Accuracy. Rocks? Not a problem for these tips. Each APS point features either a single or double (dual) friction ring designed to both secure the tip and body to the ferrule, as well as to prevent spin-offs when targeting larger fish.

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great arrow

Love these arrow and tips have never had issues with this product have used them for about 3 years now.

love it

I am a lady that shoots a low poundage bow. The DS3 tip is my favorite. I've shot tons of fish and haven't had one pull off yet!

When you can't afford to lose a fish... Deep Stage 3 !!

When there is money and reputation are on the line, this is your tip! 3 stainless barbs of super holding power and no chance of an accidental release if the fish is spinning. Full pass throughs and partial penetration, it just does not let go. Commons, Grassies, Cat Fish (even in the head), no fish get off. Highly recommended.