The Davy Jones is a shaft developed to reach the depths never before reached in the bowfishing world!   Constructed out of a .25-inch OD carbon sleeve with a bonded stainless spring steel core this shaft tips the scales at well over 2000 grains WITHOUT the point.  So when you're on your next deep water adventure make sure to have a couple Davy Jones shafts in the boat! 
~Not to be used in shallow or rocky bowfishing situations~ 


  • Solid spring steel core
  • .25-inch diameter
  • 32-inch length
  • 2000-grain weight
  • Comes complete with a red insert nock
  • (for use with the Davy Jones point ONLY)
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You wanna shoot deep? Look no further!

Coming up short on penetration and energy on those 6'+ deep shots, not any more... Davy Jones is stiff which means it flies straight on those deep shots. It is heavy with a Stainless core so it travels way further down and carriers all that energy to the point. Then the Davy Jones point is razor sharp designed to penetrate and hang on. Every bowfisher needs this in their boat for when the fish go deep and your normal setup just won't reach them. Highly recommended!