This MONSTER getter is another innovation brought to you by the R&D department at RPM.  After spending hundreds of hours trying to get traditional bowfishing tackle down to the depths the big fish live we developed a smaller diamater MUCH heavier shaft/point combination.  When you combine smaller diameter and heavier weight you end up with an insane amount of kinetic energy.  Not only did we find the Davy Jones is incredible at reaching incredible depths but it works incredibly well on "podded" surface fish. 
(not recommened to be shot in shallow or rocky terrian)

  • .25 OD diameter
  • 2100 grain weight
  • Stainless spring steel inner core with carbon sleeve
  • Red insert style nock included
  • Three 1-inch straight barbs
  • Single friction ring design
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Took a trip down to the clear waters of Kansas and the fish were 8ft down had no problems hitting them with these bad boys !

wow truly a heavy weight

Had the same complaint about the pre-drilled hole except after trying to drill the hole, snapped a bit, got screw almost in and twisted the head off. Finally just left the stubb got out the gorilla super glue and glued the bumper on it. Not a lot of fun.

great quality / cool concept!

I just recieved the Davey Jones arrow, while i have not shot it yet it looks like it is going to be a great asset to my arsenal, the only reason i gave it a 4 star was that here in colorado we are required to use a safty slide and while the 5/16 slide does fit ok (a little loose but will work) the screw will not fit in the predrilled hole and i had dificulty finding a screw that would fir securely. also cant seem to find a welded ring anywhere around that will fir the shaft (instead of a slide), since the shaft is only a .25 and most arrows are 5/16 it should come with hardware to fit the slide or ring system that will work with the arrow, it's been difficuly to outfit the arrow to use!