Your hunt for the finest totally CUSTOM lever action bowfishing bow is finally over!!    

- Limb Custom Film is available in 6 standard options, $75

- Custom Decals can be added to stock limbs in most colors, $30

- Riser Custom options include film or anodizing, $75

- Custom Flemish Twist Bow String (whiskers and slicks included), Custom Yoke Strings (2) and Custom Link Strings (2) is available in 8 standard colors, $85. Custom bowstrings are twisted black and your custom color.  If you prefer a different combination, please specify in order comments. (If your color is not shown, please call)


Please confirm in the notes section exactly how you'd like your Striker customized, including draw weight, draw length and decal color.


Many other film patterns and anodizing colors are available upon request.  Other RPM accessories (VISE reel seat, SideWinder, and Nitro rest) can be custom anodized with your purchase.  Please call for pricing.



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$20.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
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RPM custom striker 28-31

Had this for about 2 months now. After a few problems finding a compatible rest I made a spacer and added a whisker biscuit. Not my favorite but it is good for hunting. I had hoped the bow would be long enough for finger shooting but at full draw there is enough string pinch the release is not consistant, (trying a European 3 fingers below but not comfortable yet). I'm now experimenting with a release. I ordered the flemish twist string but found the bow to be much quieter using the stock strin with beaver balls. I also added moleskin on the limbs and riser which has made a world of difference. The only noise I'm detecting is from the caliper release, but it is quieter than my Oneida. After getting things basically set up I bare shaft tuned which took quite awhile but finally got excellent arrow flight. After getting everything to my satisfaction I shot 6 bare shaft and 3 with 4in feathers and 3 with 2in vanes. The bareshaft and feathers made a group of about 1-1 1/2 inches. The arrows with vanes had a similar group but about 3 inches high. Next I switched to a 2 blade broadhead and was impressed when it hit the field tip I had used as an aiming point. Cut one of the vanes but it was worth it. Wish I was always this accurate. Took it to the back yard and shot a woodchuck, complete pass through and great shot placement. Thats the good part. Wish list: Composit limbs and a 70lb max draw weight. Power cables that don't wear as quickly, mine are fraying and fuzzing up after about 250 shots. Faster shipping-ask for FEDEX or UPS. The USPostal system is TERRIBLE! It took 5 weeks to arrive. Needless to say so far I'm impressed. I bought this to replace a 30yr old Oneida and I'm very happy with the Striker. I'm looking forward to taking to the woods during deer season, the compact size and light weight should make spot and stalk much easier. Who knows I might even try bowfishing.