Your hunt for the finest totally CUSTOM lever action bowfishing bow is finally over!!  With the bowfisherman in mind, the RPM design crew went to the drawing board over four years ago to create the most perfect, most complete, lever bow ever built for bowfishing.  No more is there a need to purchase aftermarket items, fix poorly designed pieces or make custom parts; the RPM Nitro comes with everything you need and to top it all off comes in with an economical price tag!  When you're looking for your next bowfishing bow make sure to make it a NITRO!  

-Film options can be used for the riser, Energy limbs and String limbs.(Cost remains the same regardless of the number of parts filmed)
-Anodizing color options can be used for all anodized Nitro components including the riser and any other RPM accessories you select that are aluminum.(Cost remains the same regardless of the number of parts anodized)
Please confirm in the notes section exactly how you'd like your Nitro customized.

  • Nitro 35-55lb draw weight/26-28.5" draw length
  • Nitro XL 35-55lb draw weight/28.5-31" draw length
  • Nitro MAG 55-75lb draw weight/26-28.5" draw length
  • Nitro MAG XL 55-75lb draw weight/28.5-31" draw length
  • Aluminum machined riser
  • Aluminum machined timing wheels
  • Aluminum machined full capture limb pockets
  • Aluminum machined draw stops
  • Aluminum machined saddles
  • 4lb over all weight

**If you'd like your Nitro set up to a specific draw weight and length please note that in the "Notes" section
**You can also add other RPM accessories (Custom colored G-Strings, Colored Toxic Grips, Custom anodized VISE reel seat, Custom anodized SideWinder, Custom anodized Nitro rest) to your custom Nitro purchase, simply add them to your cart and note in the "Notes" section how you'd like them customized

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