Finally a power rod that will do everything that their designed to do with none of the downsides.  Constructed entirely of durable plated stainless steel the BurnOut is built to last and functions as well as it looks. 
*Stainless steel power rod
*.5-inch inside diameter stainless line guide
*Reduces internal gear and bearing stress

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perfectly made

I had used the other end prior to this rod end and the eyelet would always come loose but this one is all one piece and works great to fight big fish and keep the line going in to the ti20 very smooth and straight!

great burn out

It's a great product to take the stress off your bow. Very solid will outlast your bow. Just an overall great product

The burnout is my new favorite

Solid construction, great addition to the vise seat.

BurnOut is solid as a rock!!

Need a rod to take the stress off that reel foot, want a rod that will outlast your bow, look no further than the BurnOut Rod from RPM. Solid from front to rear, no ceramic guide to pop out or break, and bright finish to enhance look of the bow. Got a shaft hung up, wrap your line around the end and pull as hard as you want, no bending this beast. RPM topped out with this one, it is all you will ever want or need.