Unlike conventional chisel point tips, RPM’s conical bullet tips provide incredible penetration, while virtually eliminating the planing issues common with flat-sided tips. RPM’s bullet tips are interchangeable with any of today’s popular bowfishing bodies.


  • Conical tips provide unparalleled penetration
  • Virtually eliminates planing issues
  • Hardened to resist corrosion and deformation
  • Interchangeable with most popular bowfishing bodies

Every point in the APS sports a hardened conical “bullet” tip. Bullet/conical tips eliminate the planing that sometimes occurs with traditional chisel style tips, and No Plane means Better Accuracy. Rocks? Not a problem for these tips. Each APS point features either a single or double (dual) friction ring designed to both secure the tip and body to the ferrule, as well as to prevent spin-offs when targeting larger fish.

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Stay Sharp!

Tips are tough as nails and can take a hell of a beating, even shooting shallow rocky bottoms!

bullet tips

I've tried a bunch of different arrows, tips, and products. Being new to bowfishing tried alot of items that where recommend from people that have been doing it longer. I tried rpm arrows for where I fish they work awesome. Bad side I when I miss there's plenty of rocks to bounce off or I sink it into the mud. Hence why I need new tips. I have yet to take the old tips to the grinding wheel to fix what I got. But will soon..

Not game-changing, but good

I am glad I bought some spare tips- the other night I went through 3 just trying to keep a sharp point on my arrow. These are amazing when shot in muddy areas (as are most tips). Based on the description, I thought I'd maybe, partially, dull one of these in an entire night of sand/gravel shooting. I was wrong. Ended up coming home with 3 dull tips after 4 hours of sand/gravel shooting. Based on the description, I think I expected too much of these tips. Note that they are GREAT tips, they just don't stay sharp as long or as well as I thought they would. Don't expect an invincible tip (which the description kind of portrays) and you won't be disappointed!

Great replacement point

I bought these for back up through the night. I sharpen my tips on a belt sander at home. Not much to say since its just the tip but its a good product

great tips

I love these tips we bowfish in Rocky areas and it seems to last longer then other tips companies offer.

Great tip!

Bullet tips are great for piercing tough scales and hold their sharpness longer than any other tips I've used so far.

nice replacements

screw on easy and super sharp, just like new. only complaint was a two pack of these and one replacement head was like $6.00 in S/H and they showed up in a USPS envelope that only cost $1.60 to ship. Love the product