It’s called bowFISHING for a reason, and RPM’s Breakout Power Rod attachments brings archery and angling even closer together. This stainless steel rod threads into the VISE reel attachment system, helping reduce and relieve stress on your favorite reel’s gears and bearings. A stainless line guide funnels even heavier cords smoothly, while reducing costly line wear.


  • Strong stainless steel construction
  • Stainless line guide reduces line wear
  • Reduces internal gear and bearing stress



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another great RPM product

Purchased for my wife's setup. Keeps the line out in front and away from the handle on her reel.

Very tough

Addedd these to our bows this summer and they made a huge diffrence. The rod tip helps with fighting big fish keeps the wear and tear down on the reel.

Save your reel and shoot the best

Take the stress off your reel by installing this perfect stainless rod built for bowfishing by bowfishermen. Economical, easy to install in minutes and it takes the stress off your reel foot (typical place to break) and helps you fight that monster when you stick him. Good luck, be safe, shoot straight and take a kid bowfishing and you will never regret it.

Works great

Sturdy design and heavy duty eyelet. Workin awesome so far!!