Keep your Monkey Wire off-spooling freely with RPM’s Accelerator lube. An environmentally-friendly silicone lubricant, Accelerator works great on reel cord, zippers, internal gears, friction rings…anything that moves where friction is a concern. Packaged in easy-to-use 2-ounce drip bottles, Accelerator can be taken through airport security.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Versatile drip bottle
  • Reduces friction and wear on nylon and metal parts; maintains reel cord life
  • Two-ounce bottle can be taken through airport security



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Absolute must have

Accelerator is the best line treatment I have ever used. Works better and lasts longer than any silicone spray. My monkey wire flies off my reel with the accelerator treatment.

Great Product

A must have for your gear bag keeps your reels and line in top form.

Great Product

Three words can describe this product, slick-slick-slick. The Accelerator will bring your Monkey Wire back to new condition in no time. A must on every gear bag.